Travel Extras

Carry-on Baggage Guide

For the most up-to-date information on what you can and cannot pack in your checked and carry-on luggage, please visit the Web site of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.

Emergency Contact Numbers

We offer 24 hour Emergency and After Hours travel assistance from anywhere in the world.

(Within Canada and USA)  -  Please call   902-423-3806 OR 1-888-551-1181

Outside Canada - Please call collect 902-423-3806

Accessible Travel

For the most up-to-date travel information for persons with disabilities please visit the Web site of the Canadian Transportation Agency.

Need a Travel Visa?

Try our CIBT* Visa Widget providing you with:

  • Iinstant results letting you know if a travel visa is required for your next international trip
  • All necessary documentation and steps to process your visa
  • Requirements for making sure your passport is valid

*CIBT (largest and most well-established travel visa and passport company in the world).

Select a branch to access the Travel Visa Widget: